Turbu-Jet AF Burners
Turbo-Jet AF rotary kiln burners FCT Combustion
Turbo-Jet AF rotary kiln burners FCT Combustion
Turbo-Jet AF rotary kiln burners FCT Combustion
Turbo-Jet AF rotary kiln burners FCT Combustion

Turbu-Jet AF Burners

FCT’s flagship solid fuel kiln burner, customizable for maximum fuel flexibility while delivering high performance, backed up by years of CFD modeling development and operational experience.

Industry Applications:

Rotary kiln for all industries (cement, lime, iron-ore, kaolin, etc.)

Product Details:

  • Primary fuel: coal, petcoke or natural gas
  • Multi-fuel capability: can be used in combination with all fuels particularly alternate fuels:
    • Liquids: solvents, oils, etc.
    • Solids: RDF, sewage sludge, rice husks, etc.
  • Optional “lofting” technology for solid fuel channel
  • Firing capacities from small (10MW) to largest-scale (+150MW)
  • Channels for pilot ignitor and flame sensor
  • High temperature stainless steel faceplates; optional ceramic coating for additional protection


  • Customizable design to suit all fuel requirements
  • Fully flexible across a wide range of fuels
  • High alternative fuel firing rates
  • Great control of heat release
  • Low NOx design
  • Wide flame adjustment, using only primary air proportion
  • Low primary air requirement
  • High turndown, no warm up burner required
  • Long life face plates, minimal maintenance costs

Instability in world fuel prices means the lowest cost available fuel can change rapidly. Using the Turbu-Jet AF burner allows flexibility to combine coal, liquids, gas and alternative fuels simultaneously. This valuable capability has helped customers world-wide protect profits in the face of instability with fuel pricing and availability.

The Turbu-Jet AF burner has been designed from extensive physical and CFD modeling research and development, backed by extensive in-field operational experience. This includes the award-winning lofting technology that can be used for suitable alternative fuels. Each burner is custom designed taking into account the firing rate, fuel mix, kiln operation and flame shape for a particular process. Customers report that maintaining production stability and emissions control is easier with our market leading burner design.

In short, the Turbu-Jet AF always lets you utilize the most economical fuel currently available, while enjoying stable and predictable production.

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