Iron Ore Pellet Kiln Burners
Iron Ore Pellet Kiln Burners
Iron Ore Pellet Kiln Burners

I-Jet Burners


The premier, proven burner for iron ore sintering and pelletizing plants using straight/traveling grate kilns. I-Jet can also be used in a number of other applications such as hot gas generators, calciners and pre-heat chambers. Designed for maximum flexibility, the range offers exceptionally robust all-round performance that can efficiently use various gaseous and liquid fuels.

Industry Applications:

Traveling grate kiln for iron-ore

Product Details:

  • Gaseous or Liquid fuel systems.
  • 0.5 – 20MW
  • Fuel flexible with multi-fuel firing abilities including:
    • Bio gas, natural gas, blast furnace gas, hydrogen, low calorific gases, coke oven gas, LPG and other gas mixes
    • Liquid fuels including diesel, HFO, ethanol, methanol, tar oil and waste oils
  • Robust, high temperature stainless steel construction
  • Very high turn-down (1:30) to cover a range of firing rates with the added ability to pre-heat the pellet kiln
  • Dual gas channels for flame shape control
  • Replaceable gas and oil guns for rapid fuel switching
  • Supplied with refractory burner block, integrated pilot burner or high energy igniter, flame detector and sight port
  • Oil guns can be fitted with an atomizer to suit the fuel, including air atomization, pressure atomization, and atomizers for oils with particulates


  • Long-life, robust design and construction
  • Reduced specific fuel usage
  • High turn-down ratio
  • Proven low fire, cold start stability
  • Low primary air
  • Low maintenance, long life and easy burner gun replacement
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