Turbu-Jet™ burners to be supplied for Australian lithium ore (spodumene) processing lines

FCT Combustion is pleased to announce that we will supply combustion equipment for two lithium ore (spodumene) processing lines to a client in Kemerton, Western Australia. Two Turbu-Jet™ burners will be supplied for calciners, as well as 20 burners for acid roasters, burner management systems and fans.

Turbu-Jet™ technology has been proven as a world-leader in providing fuel-flexibility to pyro-processing operations for our clients in industries across the globe, and is backed by years of CFD modelling and operational experience.

With our Head Office and R&D Headquarters conveniently located in South Australia, FCT Combustion is pleased to be able to provide a locally designed and manufactured product to clients in the Australian mining and mineral processing industries.

To find out how FCT Combustion can help optimise your process, please contact your local office.


One of the Turbu-Jet burners to be supplied for an Australian spodumene processing line


May 8th, 2020|