Turbu-Flex successfully commissioned for up to 70% alternative fuel substitution in Europe

FCT Combustion successfully commissioned two Turbu-Flex™ burners for a client in the European cement industry recently. The new burners will operate with two types of solid alternative fuels for up to 70% and 45% substitution capacity each, including additional channels for natural gas and liquid alternative fuel.

Due to the singular geometry of the kiln hood and connection to the cooler, FCT Combustion conducted an in-depth Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study to improve burner efficiency with an unusual secondary air flow. Based on the results of the CFD study, the new burners optimized the primary air injection and RDF trajectories in the kiln to provide an increased rate of secondary air entrainment and short heat release.

Turbu-Flex™ was selected as the best available burner technology for its extreme multi-fuel flexibility and ability to fire high levels of alternative and low calorific value fuels. With no moving parts for precise primary air injection and smooth operation, Turbu-Flex™ can quickly switch between fuel types without impacting productivity.

For more information about Turbu-Flex™, please click here to view the product page and download the fact sheet.

March 1st, 2020|