FCT Combustion is recognized internationally for its innovation and expertise in combustion technology. The knowledge and skills gained through decades of work in this area led us to launch FCT ACTech and FCT Flames within the group collectively known as FCT International.


These two highly specialized companies offer products and services that complement FCT-Combustion’s capabilities. With the benefit of knowledge sharing between all three business units, our customers can be certain they are receiving a world class product or service that is born from a thorough understanding of advanced pyro-processing optimization.

Each of the industries serviced by FCT Combustion demands total excellence.

Delivering another precise level of control over clinker quality.

FCT ACTech specializes in mineral analysis for process and quality control in the cement and minerals processing industries. The company’s flagship COSMA analyzer for has been a game changer for clinker production, offering real time analysis of up to 250kg of material each day. It has enabled producers worldwide to gain a clear and representative picture of the entire process, allowing them to improve the quality of every batch and reduce fuel wastage.


The COSMA uses XRD analysis techniques, which are also applied in the company’s FLX and FLX+ free lime analyzers. The FLX’s state-of-the-art technology enables large samples of approximately 225 grams to be tested every five minutes. The FLX+ also includes full spectrum XRF based elemental analysis, enabling thorough analysis and even more precise control over the production processes.


4.5 billion people love our excellence in combustion.

FCT Flames is the world leader in making global audiences of the biggest events go “Wow!” at our stunning flame effects. Our work can be seen from the Olympic Games opening ceremonies, to highly specialized events for cities that want to stun visitors with incredible flame displays.


Our combustion technology and expertise is put to the test by the continual demand for improvement at each Olympics, just as every process industry must continually adapt to new fuel and process demands. Just as it happens within our associated companies of FCT Combustion and FCT ACTech, every project we deliver benefits from our commitment to excellence and ensuring the most successful outcome.


With billions of people watching on TV, FCT Flames knows how to deliver when under pressure.

FCT Flames

This demand for excellence has helped our people to become the most valuable combustion engineers and technicians in the world.