Con Manias, Managing Director, discusses FCT Combustion’s approach to normal business operation during COVID-19

Dear Friends,

These are testing and unprecedented times that have been thrust upon us, and our hearts go out to all the people affected by this invasion of the Covid-19 Corona virus.

As time goes on, it is becoming more apparent that the direct and indirect consequences have changed all of our lives probably forever. The health and safety aspects are enormous as every jurisdiction is attempting to limit the scope and rate of infections to give health systems the best chance to cope, and clearly many countries are struggling with this.

At FCT, we have adopted all recommendations applicable to safeguard the health and welfare of our staff, customers, business associates and stakeholders, and we will continue to do that.

We are in an extremely busy stage of projects currently across many countries in the world, and these projects will be delivered on time in every aspect that relies upon FCT Combustion. However, this depends somewhat on the ability of sub-suppliers and freight to continue operation – which is the case so far – and FCT is actively monitoring them for any potential change to find options for on-time delivery if needed.

It helps that we have full operating bases in a number of countries where our main customers are based, and have choices of sub-suppliers in many countries also that allows us to tailor our project delivery to meet the circumstances and need. It also helps that within FCT we are familiar and organised to work remotely so that we have many staff working effectively from home now due to the isolation measures recommended to minimise the spread of the corona virus.

The future of the world economies and related business activities post this pandemic is unknown to anyone at this time. At FCT we will endeavour to ride through this storm and put ourselves in the best position to meet our customer needs post this event – whatever that looks like.

For now, we will continue with normal business activities as best we can and complete existing orders and strive to gain new ones.

We are indeed grateful to our loyal customers both new and old that have supported and trusted us to deliver our products and services for the past 35 years and allowed FCT to continue the growth particularly in recent years.

We sincerely hope and pray that all of you stay safe and healthy during these times, and that your families and your business is minimally affected by these terrible events.

We can only hope that the world finds a cure for this virus and we all return quickly to some sort of normality in the short term.

I wish everyone the very Best.

Con Manias

Managing Director
FCT International

March 30th, 2020|