For over 30 years, FCT has expertly solved the most complex combustion and kiln issues around the world.

Profit from outstanding process performance delivered by the combustion experts.

Comprehensive burner services with the expertise needed to identify and solve problems, keep your kilns operating, and maximise your output and profitability.

In some cases, existing burners can be modified with minimal capital outlay to improve performance.  We will assess your burner design and operating points and determine if this is feasible.

Burner Upgrades

FCT’s proprietary CFD flame and heat transfer modelling expertise and experience is applied to solve real problems in high temperature processing industries.


Whether it is incomplete combustion, refractory failures, product quality and production issues or emission pressures, FCT’s modelling capability can help determine the cause and the solution.


Used by FCT since 1990, it is also used for optimisation of burner and combustion systems, and R&D for development of new burner designs and combustion chamber optimisation.

Talk to FCT about on-going service and support including:

  • Inspection of burners during shutdowns, identifying issues and carrying out necessary repairs
  • Monitoring of combustion efficiency during operation and over time
  • Training engineers, operators and maintenance staff (combustion courses, operational procedures)
  • Benchmarking against industry best practice.

CFD Modelling

Commissioning and Site Services

Engage our process and design engineers to help optimise your operations. We can provide engineering assistance including:

  • Plant design modifications to calciners, ducts and kiln hoods
  • Plant optimisation and de-bottlenecking
  • Alternative Fuel system design
  • Semi-direct and semi-indirect coal conversions.

Engineering Services

Plant operations will drift over time and sometimes undetected. We will:

  • Carry out safety audits of installed combustion equipment for compliance
  • Audit plant procedures such as start up and shut down for safe practices
  • Audit plant efficiency, particularly combustion efficiency against bench marks
  • Audit plant emissions performance against compliance and best practice
  • Identify improvements possible

We provide a complete range of high quality spares for our equipment.


We will be available to you at all times to address any problems or issues that arise in your operations that are related to our equipment supply.

Process Auditing

Spares and After Sales Service