Gyro-Therm Burners

When gas is the primary fuel, the Gyro-Therm is proven to be the leanest, greenest burner technology, with third party verification of lower operating costs and decreasing Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions.


The Gyro-Therm combines leading gas technologies with coal and alternative fuel capabilities so you have flexibility to rapidly switch fuels when needed.


Unique fuel and air mixing is achieved through the Gyro-Therm patented ‘precessing jet’ technology unique to FCT, which eliminates the need for high velocity gas or air jets.


No other burner on the market can match it, for optimising kiln performance and raising productivity.

Turbu Jet AF Burners

Instability in world fuel prices means the lowest cost available fuel can change rapidly. Using the Turbu Jet AF burner allows flexibility to combine coal, liquids, gas and Alternate Fuels simultaneously. This valuable capability has helped customers world-wide protect profits in the face of instability with fuel pricing and availability.


The award-winning lofting technology to distribute the AF into the flame, provides even greater benefits, enabling you to suit the kiln firing rate, the heat flux and flame shape for a particular process. Customers report that maintaining production stability for process requirements is easier with our market leading flame.


In short, the Turbu Jet AF always lets you utilize the most economical fuel currently available, while enjoying stable and predictable production.

K-Jet Calciner Burners

If you’re concerned that your calciner burners are not performing how they should, you are most likely right. Our combustion expertise has found many burners are poorly positioned, limiting production capacity and wasting fuel.  K-Jet Calciner Burners deliver super-efficiency in firing petcoke, solid and liquid wastes, particularly when using multiple fuels, because we ensure correct positioning.


Each burner is developed on a case-by-case basis to guarantee efficient mixing of fuels and appropriate residence time. FCT’s modelling capability can be utilized to define optimum K-Jet burner position and design. The importance of getting this right the first time prevents trouble-shooting production concerns and needing to undertake costly re-fitting.


Most commonly used for cement production, K-Jet burners can be installed on various types of calciners - SLC, ILC, RSP and DDF to name a few- and placed where fuel burning is more efficient.

Comtech Burners

A range of high-quality, compact burners, specifically designed for iron ore sintering and pelleting plants.


Designed for maximum flexibility, the range offers exceptionally robust all-round performers that can use various fuels.


COMTECH burners can be used in a number of applications, such as travelling grate kilns, iron pellet furnaces, hot gas generators, and calcining and pre-heat chambers.

Burner Management Systems

Ensure you protect your plant, equipment and people with the latest in BMS technology. An FCT Combustion BMS can be applied to single or multiple fuels, local or remote operation and integrate multiple systems while ensuring full compliance with local and international standards.


We understand your processes and know how to design a burner management system that will integrate smoothly into your plant control system. We can also assist with gaining certification and will provide process experts to contribute to risk and safety studies

Fuel Handling Systems

Our burner and pilot valve trains suit various supply pressures and fuels (including natural gas, LPG, Bio-Gas, Waste Gas, Naptha, Kerosene, Diesel and Heavy Oil). Specialised valve trains also are available.


We can provide factory-assembled systems as well as custom designed units, all fully compliant with relevant Australian and international standards.


Our Oil Pumping and Pre-Heating systems provide an efficient, dependable supply of fuel at the correct atomizing viscosity to various types of combustion equipment.


FCT has a range of standard trolley designs. but can also produce customised designs. FCT Combustion's trolleys are built with optimum safety and ease of operation in mind.


Able to accommodate rotary kiln burners up to 10 metres long and weighing up to 15 tonnes, our trolleys can support new multi-fuel burners or existing burners.


Completely motorized for fast and easy retraction, our trolleys are simple to adjust and easy to maintain and can be floor-mounted or overhead mounted via standard overhead rail.

Hot Gas Generators

Designed to give the required gas volume at the precise temperature needed for your process. Can use solid fuels such as coal and petcoke, along with other typical fuels such as oil or gas.

Ignition Systems

Designed for safe and reliable ignition of large burners. With 60KW, FCT supplies ignition systems suitable for safely and reliably lighting larger capacity burners.


Suitable for use with a variety of fuels, the FCT Combustion Gas Fired Igniter is the most effective and safest way to light a large capacity kiln burner.


Suitable for a range of fuels and firing rates, the robust construction of FCT's ignition system makes it ideal for use in harsh plant conditions. It can be manufactured to any length required to suit the main burner. Compact enough to fit into a 50mm NB (2 inch) pipe, it can also be retro-fitted to non-FCT burners.

Kiln operation has been much improved. So far, we have seen the following benefits:

1. Production increase

2. Improved fuel consumption

3. Decreased ammonia usage

4. Improved burning zone coating stability

5. Elimination of need for oxygen injection

- Matt Wallace

Process Engineer, Ash Grove Cement Company