Our technology and expertise consistently has proven to be the difference between getting cement production right, rather than nearly right with kiln processing. Gaining control with under or over cooking the clinker provides a host of benefits.


Discover how one of the largest cement producers in the US realized exceptional production and emission benefits with our Gyro-Therm burner system.


In the case study, you can read how operators found that the kiln exit gas temperature was cooler, which enabled a previously fan limited kiln to increase capacity and more feed to be put on. Production increased by a staggering 11% when firing 100% gas. When firing natural gas with waste oil and tyres, the production increased between 6.0 and 9.9%.

Iron Ore Pelletizing

Why are 70% of world sales for burner systems with rotary kilns and indurating furnaces been ours? New levels of performance thanks to our technology and expertise, have generated exceptional ROI, to make plants more competitive in the face of increased industry pressures.


Just one example of new performance realisation, is the use of the Gyro-Therm precessing jet in the kiln burner, which has a profound effect on fuel-air mixing. Since the introduction of this technology, significant fuel savings, production increases, quality improvements and major NOx emission reductions have been reported.


The patented Precessing Jet technology mixes the fuel and air in a way that improves the combustion process. It has delivered up to 10% increase in kiln production; up to 10% reduction in specific fuel consumption; and 60% reduction in NOx emissions in different industries.

Mineral Processing

Our multiple industry experience provides customers in mineral processing with the assurance that we understand their specific operating requirements and can create a solution for specific mineral types.


The day-to-day activities of a processing plant  are more dynamic than ever and every project has its range of ore variability. The impact on mill performance changes may be due to feed variations or deliberate design changes.


Our burner systems and globally experienced engineers help in many different circumstances. For example the feed may change due to natural ore variability; fluctuations in ore blend may occur because of mine scheduling or unplanned changes, such as equipment shutdowns. The plant may add a new unit operation and make minor equipment modifications and, despite all optimisation efforts, the plant may not be performing as expected.


You can count on FCT Combustion to keep your processing plant optimised at the coal face of the operation, your kiln or calciner. We see the entire picture and from our broad experience, understand world benchmarks to ensure that your operations are competitive.


Ensure uniform calcination with no fluctuations in combustion or heat profile for the length of the kiln. We provide you with the control needed to consistently produce Lime, with no refractory damage.


Our world-class Turbu Jet AF and Gyro-Therm  Burners are best suited in this industry and deliver optimum safety with maximum efficiency. Our ancillary products such as pilot burners, BMS, valve trains and oil pumps will provide you with a complete combustion solution.

Pulp and Paper

Reduce operational problems with calcination and combustion processes. Our Pulp & Paper expertise optimises the rate of heat transfer from the flame to the product and ensures that fuel/air mixing is controlled. In that way, you reduce lime intake and increase production. Ultimately, the quality of product is controlled, because calcination optimisation results in more CaO being formed, with less emissions produced.